Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Funky and Reliable 2015 Kia Soul Plus Hatchback from Used Car Dealerships in El Paso, TX

The 2015 Kia Soul Plus Hatchback is unique in its styling, and you won’t get to see any other car sporting its hip and funky appearance. This five-passenger box-shaped vehicle is definitely appealing to those who are looking for a car with a style statement but still economical at the same time.

Award-Winning Quality

The 2015 Kia Soul line received the highest score among its non-luxury competitors in J.D. Power’s Circle Ratings in terms of quality in the Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle segment. This prestigious award is based on evaluating eight problem categories, including driving experience, exterior, features, and engine/transmission.

Impressive Interior

As Kia claims, the interior of this car model can compete with the comfort you get from your own living room. While this may be an exaggeration, the level of comfort is almost the same. This is thanks for the plethora of features built inside the car. For example, you can stay cool during hot days with the ventilated front seats that help circulate air within the car. In cold seasons, warm up with its heated seats.

Plush Driving Experience

Adding to a great experience is the Soul’s Panoramic Sunroof that provides lighting and fresh air from the outdoors. And because its suspension had been improved from the one in the 2014 version, it delivers a smooth ride while providing that feeling of security on the road.

There are other things to love more about the 2015 Kia Soul Plus Hatchback that you will surely appreciate. Visit used car dealerships in El Paso, TX to learn more about this award-winning hatchback.

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