Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The 2013 Ford Escape SE SUV from an El Paso, TX Buy Here Pay Here Dealer: Drive with Peace of Mind

These days, vehicles are no longer just luxuries--they’re downright necessities. Thanks to them, a multitude of tasks become that much easier to do.

Of course, the sheer ubiquity of vehicles on the road also mean that there’s also a very real risk of getting into accidents. In fact, the Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates that up to 50 million people are injured around the world because of vehicular collisions.

As such, when buying a vehicle, it’s not just speed that you should look at but also safety features. In this regard, the 2013 Ford Escape SE SUV truly shines.


You were a teenager once, and you know how anxious young ones are to get behind the wheel. And when they do, driving at modest speeds is the last thing on their minds--they want to burn rubber on the pavement. It’s a good thing, then, that the Ford Escape has the MyKey system installed, which allows you to limit the vehicle’s speed and even the audio levels in the car until the seatbelt is buckled in.

Traction and Stability Control

You can never tell what conditions you’ll face on the road. Sometimes the weather’s nice and dry, other times it’s raining cats and dogs. To keep you safe on the road, the Ford Escape is equipped with traction and stability control systems to ensure that your vehicle stays it its designated lane without swerving.


Yes, front airbags have become standard safety features in all vehicles, but the Ford Escape takes it further. This SUV comes standard with a driver knee airbag and full-length curtain airbags to ensure that both front and backseat drivers are protected from injuries in the event of a crash.

If you think the 2013 Ford Escape SE SUV is right for you, visit a trusted El Paso, TX buy here pay here dealer to request a test drive.

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